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We wanted to pause for a moment and properly introduce ourselves...

Hi, Ayla here, half of the Tim & Ayla partnership that started The Hive Taproom. The idea for a health-focused, family- and dog-friendly Taproom came to life from our deep-rooted desire to nurture human connection. Driven by this passion, we left our engineering (Tim) and veterinary (Ayla) careers to create a place where face-to-face conversation and building community is prioritized over technology, a place where family & friends gather and memories are made. Inspired by our first encounter with session mead during a family trip to California, we spent countless months experimenting and perfecting recipes in our basement.

And in the last weekend in July of 2018, we hosted the grand opening of The Hive Taproom! All weekend long, you enjoyed our new and refreshing beverages, and when each keg of session mead was kicked, we crossed it off the Taplist.

By the end of the weekend, you had done it – you drank us out of product! We had to close for two weeks while new batches were brewing – and had a grand re-opening mid-August! So that is why we celebrate our Anniversary mid-August, instead of July 27th.

When we were preparing to open, we heard lots of "that's never going to work". For example, we purposely didn't want to have wifi, having seen how disruptive technology can be when trying to have a conversation. People told us, that will never work. The Millenials will never come. They came.

People told us "that's never going to work", offering an innovative, health-conscious beverage in little East Troy, Wisconsin, a meat and potatoes state. And yet, East Troy has continued to welcome us, even if people sometimes ask for a Miller Lite. People recognize how much better they feel (today and tomorrow) after drinking our functional alcoholic beverage and they keep coming back.

A family-friendly pub-like atmosphere where 3 generations can gather? Never going to work. Or is it...?

Let us raise a glass to the naysayers, thanks for giving us even more reason to prove you wrong!

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