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Is your joy contagious?

Do you have a way with people?

Do you care about your tomorrow?

If so, we want YOU on our team.

Our Mission:

We exist to relinquish the misconception that technology-driven “connection” is a requirement for mankind to flourish in present day society. To re-instill the fact that face-to-face human interaction is key for our overall health and wellbeing. To awaken the human spirit through laughter and libations, by providing clean, crisp and refreshing beverages handcrafted with 100% raw, local honey and designed specifically to make you feel better. To create spaces that foster this joy, connection, understanding and inclusivity that we proudly refer to as an extension of our home. To close the gap between popular culture and planet preservation for a better tomorrow.

why join our hive:

Team members at The Hive Taproom learn the details of each of our libations, their flavor profiles, how they correspond to popular beverage classes (wine vs. beer, fruity vs. dry, malty vs. hoppy, etc.), and how to recommend the best beverage for each customer.

Our team embraces our no-drama atmosphere where issues and miscommunications are addressed in an honest, appropriate and timely manner, and are therefore able to operate at a high level of excellence.

In the big picture, our team know this is more than a job; they’re making the world a better place by building community with people and ultimately by helping the bees & all of us who rely on the food the bees pollinate.

If you are interested in joining our team, please submit the form below.

You should expect to receive a response within 2-3 days.

We appreciate your patience as we are a small (but mighty!) team here at the Hive.

The Better Buzz

W2463 County Rd ES, East Troy, WI 53120

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