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It all starts with raw, local honey

Raw honey means we never heat the honey above hive temperature of 95 degrees F. All the good stuff like bioflavonoids and other phytonutrients in raw honey are nutritional powerhouses that are destroyed by heating.


Local honey means it comes from our own hives here in East Troy – we're up to nearly 50 hives now – and from our beekeeping friends closeby.

we add local flavor

We flavor our session mead with real food grown as locally as possible. From hops & locally roasted coffee to seasonal ingredients like rhubarb & butternut squash, we strive to support local farmers in Wisconsin while reducing our carbon footprint and emissions from shipping.


and it becomes

Session mead

Brewed like a beer (without the hot side), our session mead is technically a wine and tastes like a cider or champagne. Cold, dry, carbonated and naturally gluten-free, this is no ren faire mead. Coming in at 6-7% ABV, these session meads are very refreshing.

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