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Why raw, local honey?

Why is it important to us to use only raw, local honey and keep that honey raw when creating our delicious beverages?

Raw honey – defined as honey unchanged from its state in the hive – has the goods. When raw honey is analyzed, enzymes and antioxidants – like plant polyphenols & bioflavonoids if you want to get technical – are found in addition to minerals like potassium and amino acids from pollen. Honey sold in grocery stories is typically pasteurized to prevent crystallization, which helps it sell better. But when honey is heated above 105ºF, these delicate compounds with tremendous health benefits are degraded or worse, destroyed.

But wait, there’s more! Honey is also a probiotic AND prebiotic. Now, you’ve heard of probiotics, but what about prebiotics? While probiotics are living microorganisms helpful to healthy bacteria living in your digestive tract, prebiotics are a food source for these microorganisms. Good news, honey helps out those adorable microbes in your digestive tract too!

Since we never heat our product above hive temperature, our raw honey stays raw, meaning you can enjoy all the health benefits of raw honey in your drink. A delicious, functional beverage full of prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes and antioxidants to enjoy today and not regret tomorrow? Yes please! Let us introduce you to The Better Buzz for a better tomorrow.

We’ll let you in on a little known secret: cheap seltzers, although often gluten free, are made from cheap sugars, i.e. grain alcohol usually made from corn. Who would like to drink a glass of fermented high fructose corn syrup? Not us. If you were ever wondering why you felt like garbage after drinking seltzers, mystery solved.

Here we look forward to waking up feeling amazing the next day after a great night with friends. We invite you to do the same! Life’s too short to waste a single day on a hangover.

Cheers to drinking your raw honey for a better tomorrow!

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