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What’s your dream for 2024?

What started with a dream of fostering connections with our health, between others and with Mother Nature became our calling.

Connection started as a core value and became a manifesto, the ribbon tying everything together in our lives and our business.

Confident yet completely naive, we sprinkled joy wherever we went. We shared Wawa smiles daily and bonded over their friendly competition of creating a reason for people to smile.

The short, idealized social media story is that engineer Tim & Veterinarian Ayla combined their passion for craft beverages, skills in designing joyful experiences, need to help the bees and a boundless thirst for learning and wrapped it up with some duct tape, paper clips, and a few rubber bands. Just call us Mr. and Dr. MacGyver.

Reality involved a lot more injuries – like that time a shard of metal snuck under Tim's safety glasses and stuck into his eye – and overcoming fears and anxieties of stepping away from the known into the unknown.

Our bottomless thirst for learning was and is what keeps this whole thing going. Our idea for The Hive Taproom was brewed out of passion and became a thing, a place for people to experience and taste in real life what we created first in our heads and hearts. ⁠

Sometimes, ideas you're naive enough to pursue with lots of late nights and a fair share of anxiety, become something delicious & beautiful you get to share!

So what dream are you pursuing, and if you're not, what's holding you back?

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