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What's so dry about January?

It’s that time of year again, when people make their new years resolutions, and take a break from whatever “vice” they have and start a new exercise plan, or a new goal, or a new something.

We love this too! Dreaming big is the first step towards accomplishing our life goals. 

The trouble with new years resolutions? Most fail. Why?

We get so excited about a few new ideas, convinced they’ll fix ALL the problems we have, we decide to make hundreds of changes at the same time. And changing habits, as we know, is one tough nut to crack.

Ayla’s life experience has taught her a few lessons for making new years resolutions that stick:

  1. Take stock, what’s working for you? What’s not? What do you desperately want to change this year?

  2. Dream first – what’s the biggest & brightest flying car and unicorn you could ever dream to have? Make it actionable, and a stretch but do-able within the next 365 days.

  3. Write it down. Check in with yourself – what daily actions will you take to make this happen? What will you need to drop to make time for these changes?

  4. Pick 2, maybe 3 dreams to follow. While it’s great to be an optimist, let your realist side have a say. What are your MOST important dreams to pursue?

  5. Share your dreams with 2 friends. I thought this would be weird. It ended up being totally un-weird, and being vulnerable will only strengthen your relationship. Including your community in your resolution gives you accountability AND builds your community ties.

People’s biggest regret from dry January? Missing out on connection.

As a place that serves alcohol, we wanted to understand people’s motivation for taking a month off. Ranging from changing habits to understanding their body better to not being dependent on alcohol ranked highly.

We love these reasons and fully support them. The most common regret from dry January? Missing out on connection.

At the Hive, we’re big on connection. So big. How big is it? It’s a core value thank-you-very-much. We feel the experience you have in a place can make or break your day, and certainly influences how you feel.

From friendly smiles, to eye contact, to big old bear hugs, connection is highly underrated

and highly important. Don't take our word for it, scientific studies back this up!

You don’t have to spend dry January by yourself. We got you!

For this dry January, we have something special for you, we’re releasing some kick a$$ non-alcoholic cocktails!

And if you’re still partaking, we’re bringing back our dryest libation: Into the Woods, with flavor notes of citrus, earthy, dry. So whichever way you swing this January, we got you.

Don't miss out on your social time just because you're taking a break from alcohol. 

"If we want to live longer, healthier lives, we should prioritize staying connected, kind, and involved in our community.”- Elizabeth Hopper

We'll cheers to that!

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