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What does Dad want for Father’s Day?

Father's Day is sneaking up on us faster than dad sneaking a bite from your plate when you're not looking. It's time to celebrate the masters of cheesy jokes, tireless handymen, and grill kings – our dads, stepdads, grandads and soon-to-be dads!

We’re celebrating Tim this week as our jokester in chief, the one who reminds us how important it is to play, laugh, and remember that life is short. He prefers wheels to foot transport, even biking 100 feet instead of walking. 😂 He enjoys making gluten-free blueberry pancakes on Sunday mornings and reading to the kids before bed. And he loves wacky socks. 

To help you get your week started on the right (not left) foot, we’ve included some favorite jokes. And yes, they’re all about Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris counted to infinity... twice.

Chuck Norris can do a wheelie on a unicycle.

Some kids pee their name in the snow. Chuck Norris can pee his name into concrete.

Still looking for a gift for your Dad? Pick up a 4-pack to enjoy with him at home or invite him to spend quality time with you at the Taproom this weekend!

🍺 If he’s an “I only drink Miller light” kind of guy, we recommend Pineapple Express. 

🥃 Whiskey and only whiskey? Our barrel-aged Drifted will be right up his alley.

☕️ If he’s a coffee fan, Vote for Pedro may be his new favorite beverage, well, ever. 

Tim’s favorite is Ron Bergamot, a better choice than milk on a hot day.

Check out our Taplist for more ideas for Dad!

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