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Wawa Smile

Ayla here, it’s been a while since we introduced ourselves. Let’s go back to 2009 when Tim and I were both in grad school in Philadelphia, where Wawa‘s (convenience stores much like Kwik Trip) are like rabbits: plentiful and reproduce quickly. I had noticed the cashiers seemed particularly miserable and a smile was an endangered species. One sunny day, I made it my job to bring the cashier some joy, hoping I could find an elusive smile. And it happened! I helped the cashier find her smile, and I bet the person behind me got a some of that smile, too. It was my way to spread a little spark of joy.

Tim and I had just started dating when I shared my Wawa smile story and Tim gave me an incredulous look. “I’ve been doing that too!” he said. That’s how I knew he was the guy for me. It became a friendly competition, each of us asking the other, “Did you get your Wawa smile today?”

Soon, our Wawa smile spread to anyone who looked like they needed a smile. So it’s no surprise that it's part of our mission at the Hive to bring a spark of joy and a smile to each person who visits our Taproom. We hope you've been able to spread that joy, too!


Ayla (and Tim)

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