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The bees shop locally, so do we!

The bees know why it’s important to shop locally. While they will fly about 2 miles (up to 5 miles) from their hives in search of flowers, they prefer to find flowers closer to home. Why? It’s energy efficient, and honey bees are all about efficiency. If they can take 10 trips to that same flower patch in the same amount of time as 2 trips to a patch further away, they can collect 5 times the amount of nectar and pollen!

Why do we shop in our local community? We love that feeling of seeing a familiar face and knowing that when we make a call, a real person answers the phone. Being able to ask questions of someone who has actual expertise in an area saves us hours of googling.

Not only do we know the farmers and vendors that we work with, but also local ingredients do not depend on a far away shipping container making it to port, staff to load the trucks, and trucking the item to your door. This keeps our dollars local and here in Wisconsin. In an era of Amazon and globalization, it’s not always easier but it’s important to support our local economy if we want these local farms & main street businesses to stay open. 

Using local honey – much of it from our own bees! – and food, hops and herbs means we know where every bit of our beverages come from. Supporting these local growers means they stick around, giving internships to local students and creating pathways for future careers.

Have you been looking for places close to home to find our product? We’re currently in many different retail locations within an hour of East Troy! Check out our current list here.

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