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No hangover challenge, can it be true?

Updated: Jun 7

Yes, yes, it’s true! From the mouths of the THOUSANDS of people who have enjoyed our beverages over the past 6 years, these session meads will NOT give you a hangover. Scroll to the bottom for rules for the no-hangover challenge, or read more to understand where hangovers come from and why these session meads make you feel SO good!

Recipe for a hangover:

  • Low quality alcohol

  • Lots of sugar

Our beverages:

  • High quality alcohol made from 100% raw honey

  • Low in sugar

 But why do The Hive's session meads help you avoid hangovers? 

  • It’s all about the raw honey, honey! Because, drumroll please…raw honey is a natural hangover remedy. 

  • Alcohol made from raw honey* is a superbly high quality alcohol. Just like you feel better drinking a good tequila instead of the rail tequila, these beverages give you that same better feeling. *Note: heating raw honey as with distilling destroys the beneficial properties of raw honey, compared with our process that never heats raw honey above hive temperature, thus maintaining raw honey's therapeutic benefits.

  • Think natural gatorade. Raw honey contains micronutrients that feed your body what it needs to process alcohol, namely electrolytes, antioxidants, and fructose that smooth out your body’s alcohol processing. 

  • Our session meads are low in sugar because we “dry it out”, meaning we let the yeast turn almost all the sugar into alcohol. Since high sugar content contributes to hangovers, low sugar content helps you avoid hangovers. 

Your liver, the organ that detoxifies your body, prefers honey to other sugars. Even diabetics choose honey-sweetened beverages over sugar-sweetened ones because honey doesn’t make your blood sugar jump up. 

If you’d like to try our no-hangover challenge, here are the rules:

  • Enjoy a night out and drink ONLY our session meads. Eat a normal meal and please drink responsibly, i.e. your typical amount with regards to ABV (3 pints of beer = 3 - 4 oz glasses of wine = 3 -10 oz glasses of session mead). Tell us how you feel in the morning! If you feel hungover (tired, headache, foggy, sick, etc.), we'll eat our hat. And pay for your tab.

  • Fine print: You can’t mix alcohols, Mr.-I-don’t-like-to-listen-to-recommendations. Drink only the Hive’s session meads, as other alcohols change the mix in your body. And no, cocktails don’t count, that’s mixing, so does pre-gaming. You must keep your tab separate from anyone else in your party and email us a copy of your receipt within one week to Challenge good through June 30th, 2024.

So there you have it. 

Let us know how your challenge goes! Tag us on facebook or instagram.

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