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Need an infusion of joy and positive interactions? We got you!

As we race towards summer, we’re offering you a breath, a pause, and a chance to check in with yourself. We created The Hive Taproom to nurture human connection. 

In this fast paced, crazy world, we knew our one human family needed more joy. We decided to go beyond the Wawa smile and fully commit to daily joy creation.

When The Hive Taproom was born at the end of July in 2018, we knew we wanted to bring a smile to everyone who stepped through our doors. 

Bringing the better buzz for a better tomorrow to East Troy, we have consciously curated a team behind the bar that keeps the uplifting positive vibes going all day and into the night.

Need an infusion of joy and positive interactions? We got you!

We have a summer FILLED with delicious drinks, one-of-a-kind events, amazing music, creative food trucks, and did we mention the drinks? 

No matter what happens throughout your week, you’ll feel the weight of the week lift off your shoulders once you walk through our door and start sipping on a good-for-you beverage.

We build connection by sharing of ourselves, by being vulnerable and showing the unique, okay maybe a little bit weird part of ourselves with the world. We’re here for it. 

Passion is our currency, so please, tell us all about your lego collection, your obsession with plants, or your favorite new board game. Because joy is found in seeking new perspectives, and thrives on the edge of the bell curve. 

You in? See you this weekend!

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