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Hi, my name is Cherry Love!

Some businesses are started to make money. Tim & Ayla started this business to share love. Well, primarily me. See, I was one of the og beverages here, and I've been the most popular for the past 5 years, so I'm pretty confident that you'll love me too.

My name is Cherry Love, and I taste of delicious cherry and vanilla. Always have, always will. I come from Door County montmorency cherries – the tart ones – and of course raw honey. I was one of Tim’s first session meads, and I have been a favorite since forever. 

When Tim & Ayla met, they instantly noticed their mutual passion to brighten someone else's day. Have you heard about their Wawa smile?

Bringing joy to others has always come naturally to Ayla & Tim and they infuse that joy into the Taproom experience, primarily by sharing me. For I am the go-to beverage when we new people stop into the Taproom.

While I am delightfully delicious, I am not much of a poet. Nevertheless, I was tasked with showcasing our four love-inspired beverages in a poem.

Pucker Up this Valentine’s Day,

a day to celebrate love.

The warmth of the winter sun, aka Apricity,

Comes from up above.

Our kombucha Hive Blossom reminds us

Before there's fruit, there's always a flower.

Our amazingly fantastic & beautiful Cherry Love is so often shared,

across tables she loves being devoured.

Cherry Love is the very best, 

I think you’ll quite agree.

She goes well with every meal,

She’ll make you smile with glee.

Pick up a 4-pack of me, obviously, and if you want to bring any of the others home, I'll allow it since it is Valentine's Day soon.

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