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Cheers to bee-ing together!

Do you know anyone with the "I'll be happy when..." syndrome? You know, I'll be happy when I get my new car, or find a house to buy, or get that promotion, or I finally lose that weight. We do - we used to be those people! What we're learning is that happiness does not lie on the other side of any purchase or acquisition of status. Happiness is inside you and can be multiplied by sharing yourself with others.

We used to think that we'd be happy when we'd achieve a particular goal – whether it was getting into vet school, getting a puppy (ok, this one did really bring us happiness), buying that new car, or finding the perfect house. But here's the thing: once we attained that coveted thing, the happiness it brought was fleeting, and our attention swiftly shifted to the next thing we believed would fulfill our happiness.

What we've discovered is that true happiness lies in genuine connections with other beings – be it with fellow humans, animals, or nature itself. This kind of soul-satisfying connection goes far deeper and lasts much longer than the fleeting rush of dopamine triggered by the acquisition of a new thing.

In our achievement-oriented society, it's easy to overlook the simple joys that surround us each day – the warmth of a sunbeam, the infectious giggle of a child, or a nature walk with a friend. We're all about embracing the present moment, finding solace in the joy of connection rather than relentlessly pursuing happiness through material possessions.

It's time to let go of the American lone cowboy mentality of "I don't need anybody." This mindset deprives us of the incredible value of connection and the transformative ways it enriches our lives. Countless studies have proven that strong social relationships are the most consistent predictor of a happy life and may even be the single most crucial factor for longevity.

If you were ever in need of a reason to gather with friends and family at the Hive, now you have it. Bee-here this weekend and experience the joy of trivia, live music, horseshoes, bags and, above all, meaningful connections over your favorite session mead.

Let's raise our glasses and toast to the power of togetherness.

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