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Cheers to Bee-ing Intentional!

If you're like us and feel time slipping away too quickly, we invite you to join us in one of our favorite practices: a daily dose of nature.

Before you create 101 reasons why you can't do this, give us 5 minutes. If you have ever spent 5 minutes sitting on your phone, you can dedicate the same amount of time to your favorite person: YOURSELF!

Here's our 5 step recipe:

  1. Schedule your 5 minute daily dose of nature – Start small. Try drinking your morning coffee in the backyard or eat your lunch outside. Make this non-negotiable.

  2. Set down your phone – Leave your phone inside and go outside. By taking an intentional step away from technology, we allow ourselves to truly engage in everything around us. Feel lost, stressed, or overwhelmed? Take off your shoes. By walking barefoot, you can recharge your body and mind with the earth's natural energy and bring yourself back to a more balanced state. If this sounds too woo-woo, read this study!

  3. Notice your 5 senses – Go for a walk or find a place to sit. Begin by taking a few slow breaths.

    1. Look – Identify 5 things you can see.

    2. Listen – Identify 4 sounds you can hear.

    3. Feel – identify 3 things you can feel.

    4. Smell – identify 2 things you can smell.

    5. Taste – identify 1 thing you can taste.

  4. Close your eyes – Notice, when you close your eyes do your other senses get stronger? By removing our vision from our awareness for a few moments, we can more easily perceive our other senses. Find a safe place to sit and experience your surroundings, feeling each sensation individually first and then together.

  5. Think about one thing you're grateful for – This can be as simple the amazing cup of coffee you had this morning or some shade on steamy day.

Rinse & repeat!

By intentionally focusing on your senses, you're gifting yourself the chance to slow down time, connect to your body and with nature. Over time, you might even gain clarity on a tough problem you're trying to solve. Like, how are my food choices serving me? What does my body need to bring back balance? How can I be intentional about

what I consume?

If a functional alcoholic beverage is on your list, stop in for a delightful restorative beverage. If alcohol is off your list, stop in for our house-made organic green tea honey kombucha or our own soda made with Rishi tea. We're here for it all.

Cheers to living intentionally!

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