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About Us: Your Favorite Taproom's Story

Since we have so many new people following us, it’s the perfect time to reintroduce ourselves. We're Ayla and Tim, a beekeeper and brewer couple who left our careers as a Veterinarian and Mechanical Engineer in 2017 to start The Hive Taproom in 2018. Despite our scientific backgrounds, we embarked on this journey based on a feeling.

We sensed that many people were concerned about how technology was disrupting real human connections. We noticed how couples dining together often spent more time on their phones than engaging with each other. We felt that technology, though beneficial in many ways, was negatively impacting our ability to connect on a human level.

Long before COVID, we recognized the importance of being present with one another, of feeling seen and heard, and of forming bonds through laughter and shared stories. This vision became the foundation for creating The Hive Taproom—a space dedicated to fostering genuine relationships.

At The Hive, we cherish creating memories and reminding people of the value of human connection. Here, we see each other as people, not as labels—liberal or conservative, laborers or business professionals, trivia buffs or live music enthusiasts. We’re an AND place, where everyone is welcome.

We believe we’re all part of one human family. While we may have different opinions, we are essentially neighbors. What’s good for one is likely good for all.

For thousands of years, food and drink have brought people together, and this tradition continues today. So, join us, let’s put down our phones and connect over stories and beverages at the Hive this weekend!

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