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About Us

When we made our first batch of session mead in our basement, we knew we were onto something. Tasting oh-so refreshing and providing The Better Buzz, this beverage was definitely special. 

By using only raw honey, we noticed that we felt better while drinking it – no grumpy beer buzz – and the next day we felt awesome. Instead of feeling foggy and tired, we were clear-headed and energized.

18 months later, we'd quit our mechanical engineering and veterinary jobs respectively and opened The Hive Taproom.

Years earlier, we had spent countless weekends visiting breweries and wineries in our spare time with no aspirations to open up our own Taproom. However, we were inadvertently training ourselves to understand what a welcoming vibe felt like, what an amazing beverage experience tasted like, and what great customer service looked like.

So when we opened The Hive, we had a clear picture of what kind of place we wanted – one where three generations of a family could gather and have a great time. One where you were welcome to just as easily order a zero proof beverage as one containing alcohol. One where you would be welcomed no matter the color of your skin or your political affiliation.

Because we believe community is created where we ALL gather, and dies when we surround ourselves only with people who look and think like us. The power of our tomorrows depends on the seeds we plant today. Join us at the Taproom for community and a beverage specifically designed to maximize your tomorrows!

While we 1,000% prefer to talk to you in person, social media has become an important community too. Join us on Facebook or Instagram!

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