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A story of beginnings...

Updated: Feb 21

In creative flow, poetry can emerge. At times, poetry must emerge, like bubbles on the surface of boiling water. Here is a poem about our path towards uncertainty and what inspired us to care for our collective [emotional] health at The Hive Taproom.

Way back when we were caught in the rat race

Running at a fast pace

Never seeming to catch up

We never felt enough

Never smart enough, quick enough, good enough

The world was so big and our place uncertain

How could we make a dent 

We couldn’t pull back the curtain

So much pain present

But there was no perception

Suffering was the rule

And joy the exception

The currency was busy-ness

And complaints and hurry 

Running so fast

It all became blurry

Why were we here?

To shed light on what?

And then it became clear

We need an emotional correction

This selection of perfection of objection and collection

Of unreal reality is a projection and an ejection of

Our reflection of ourselves

Joy, friendship & real human connection

It takes being present & showing affection

Hugs are a powerful injection of love

So we said Why Not and did it anyway

Decided halfway was a cheat and jumped in with both feet 

And quit our jobs, confident in ourselves (most days)

Questioning our own judgment (some days)

Ignored those who spoke of doomsday

And wrote our own screenplay

For a place where all are welcome

And joy is shared

And connection is seldom

A random occurrence but rather

Grows naturally in places rooted in love

– By Ayla Guild

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