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5 Ways to Celebrate Spring!

Updated: Apr 3

Spring is one of our favorite seasons. From the return of the birds to the bees out and about visiting flowers, here are our top 5 ways to celebrate spring!

  1. Leave the stems – It can be tempting to cut back all the long stems you dutifully left to support overwintering pollinators – don’t! They are habitat for native bees, who need a solid 3-5 days of 55 degree weather before they emerge. 

  1. Buy local honey – while we enjoy the benefits of raw, local honey all year round, spring time also means allergies. Local honey contains pollen from your local area, and these micro-doses of pollen can train your immune system to ignore larger doses of the same pollen, decreasing your reactivity. What does this mean? Raw, local honey may help with seasonal allergies!⁠

  1. Take a walk, preferably barefoot. This sounded a bit woo woo to us at first, but there’s good data behind walking barefoot and our mood and energy levels. See if you can find common spring flowers like crocuses, daffodils, tulips, irises, lilacs, lilies, and the bee's favorite – dandelions! Bonus if you see any bees out and about.

  2. Plan your garden – Look at your space throughout the day and determine how much light reaches different spaces. Where can you add a shade-loving plant? What about a sun-loving one? Flowering plants not only add visual interest and can help protect your veggies from harmful insects, they also support our pollinators! We recommend choosing native perennials because they support our local bees, birds and bugs – the good ones – AND are low maintenance once they’re established.

  3. Feed the birds – Hanging a bird feeder during the spring migration is a useful source of food for traveling birds. Try filling your bird feeder with sunflower seeds and let the grass below it grow – you'll see sunflowers in a few months!

Spring marks a new start, it's time to shake off the cold and leave the winter months behind us. Looking for ways to embrace spring? In need of some raw, local honey? Stop in the Taproom to enjoy our beverages made with 100% raw honey and spend some quality time with friends & family. 

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. —Lao Tzu"

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