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FizzyLogic.png the First Friday of every month for Fizzy (Logic) Fridays from 7-9pm.



Grab a mead, pick up a name tag and see which team you’re on: Team X or Team O.



Be the first team to win 9 points by collecting 9 game cards.


Game Play

  • Each team chooses their first Clue-Giver. All others become Guessers.

  • Each Clue-Giver goes up on stage and one card is pulled from the draw pile. Each Clue-Giver looks at the card containing two words and starts thinking of one word clues for their team’s word.

    • Both words are related/connected in some way – i.e. the words might be Banana and Lemon.

    • Clues may not use any form of either word – ie. if the word is midnight, the word night cannot be used. If this rule is broken, no points are awarded for that round.

  • First team to play is decided by Clue-Givers playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors." After the first round, the team that lost the point goes first and has the option to pass to the other team.

  • If you think you know the answer, grab your team's block and shout it out. If your answer is correct, your team scores 1 point. If your answer is the other team’s word, no points are awarded and the round is over.

  • The Guesser that answered with the correct word becomes the next Clue-Giver. If any Clue-Giver has given clues for 3 cards, their team will change Clue-Givers.



If a team’s word is answered correctly, one point is awarded to that team. 



The first team to score 9 points, wins!

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